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"Worked hard to achieve a good and fair (full) settlement with a difficult plaintiff and seemingly very inexperienced Plaintiff's counsel. "
[Defense Counsel]
"Provided insight to the Client regarding the risks and uncertainties of not resolving the matter. "
[Plaintiff's counsel]
"I felt that the mediator’s recommendation of having the attorneys prepare a draft settlement agreement beforehand..., and then doing a best, last, and final offer as a completed settlement agreement was genius!  And it worked. "
[Defense Counsel]
"Closed the mediation well. Earlier I wasn't sure the other side was going to increase their offer enough. "
[Plaintiff's counsel]
"Particularly helpful in negotiating offers back and forth. "
[Defense Counsel]
"Carefully engaged the participants. This case had (substantial) emotion behind it and (the) mediator handled it well. "
[Plaintiff's counsel]

Dave Smullin’s extensive experience as a labor and employment law attorney and his investigative skills explain his success as a mediator.  Attorneys and their clients find his probing, fair and thoughtful approach to mediation enables him to identify obstacles to their cases and the benefits of settlement. Because of his extraordinary trial success, empathy and humanity, parties realize that he sincerely cares that they have the best possible outcome to their cases. For these reasons, Smullin quickly develops trust with the parties.

Ending Litigation

Smullin has also experienced the unpredictability of litigation. In mediation, he helps the parties understand that the best outcome they can have is the one they negotiate for themselves.  With decades of experience representing both employers and employees, Smullin is also creative in overcoming obstacles to settlements. Because of his extensive knowledge of the law, persistence and passion for negotiated resolution, he achieves resolution where many mediators would not.

Author and Speaker

At the request of the California Continuing Education of the Bar, the Santa Clara County and Palo Alto Bar Associations and various industry and trade associations, Smullin has written and spoken extensively about employment law and mediation.  See next page.

A Specialist

Dave Smullin is a full-time mediator specializing in sexual harassment, wage-hour and other employment law cases. These include wrongful termination and various forms of discrimination such as age, sex, race, handicap, reprisal, religion, union, national origin, appearance, protected concerted activity, NLRA, and Title VII, among others.

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Dave Smullin provides skilled mediation services in Santa Clara county, San Mateo county, the San Francisco Bay area and Santa Cruz.